03Hold the “MINDOL Japan Festival”

MINDOL JAPAN FESTIVAL is a fest where people in love with Japanese subculture get together.
The goods sold in each area can be paid in MINDOL.
Possible site to be held: France: Paris, America: LA, Germany: Dusseldorf

This event is mainly divided into five areas.

Introduction of MINDOL project related and its sale Limited comics and goods brought from Japan for the event will be sold.
Lots of guests from Japan including anime singers, idols, voice actors and creators are coming to the event. Various stages will be held including song and talk shows.
Anime Area
Lots of subculture contents concentrating on Japanese animation that you cannot usually watch are screened at the theater from hot topic to latest animation. And you can also purchase a variety of related goods.
Game Area
It is subculture, game that Japan is proud of. You can play various games in the each booth. And creators and producers of games will give a lecture.
“Cosplay” is now becoming a global phenomenon. Many cosplayers will play a show at the cosplay special stage. Local people can also participate.