Dear ALL,

This is Mindol team. We are here to inform you that Mindol will change a new smart contract on Etherum and please notice that the previous MIN contract will NOT be available from 4/19.

OLD contract:

NEW contract:

Please notice that we have informed Exchanges to suspend the depositing and withdrawal of MIN BEFORE 4/19 18:00 PM JST.

We are working on the 1:1 asset swapping and all the Exchanges must integrate the new contract address before reopen the MIN deposit & withdraw. The new contract address will be announced soon. Once Exchanges get the new address, please integrate the new MIN contract ASAP.

For normal users, please do NOT trade OTC or transfer to anyone on Etherum by wallet.

This new smart contract is for the purpose of technical and security improvement. Thanks to your support.

Mindol Team