02TV shows linked to MINDOL project

Locomotion Co., Ltd. and Touch Planning Co., Ltd., that have experienced in producing various big hits of TV shows, will plan to create, and find and develop a new talent with the audience. Our target is not only in Japan but also across the world.
We are now thoughtfully discussing with each TV station about a content and scheme with aiming to start a TV show from April 2019.

Here is a plan of TV show.

Locomotion Co., Ltd.

Planning and producer group that constantly created the trend of the times and built the foundation of the current variety show of Japan, as well as “TV with Genius Takeshi Energizing!”and “Neruton Feng Shui”. It has a good reputation for producing ability to tie in with product sales and make amateurs and chefs to entertainers through TV shows, which continues to generate the movement at all times.

Representative works / “Asakusabashi Young Boutique” ” Minisuka Police” “Salary statement” “Okaye Hen ∞ world” etc.

Touch Planning Co., Ltd.

While producing numerous terrestrial TV shows from special programs to mini programs, handling advanced contents from the Akihabara culture creation period widely, he also handles genres of programs of both sexual actors and 2.5-dimensional actors. Built a position in information, music, idol, voice actor, loose character, and idol program field. Also engaged in film production, “cycle – cycle” made in 2017 receives high prize at the Frankfurt Film Festival for Best Work Award (Grand Prix) award.

Main Works (subculture series) / “Tama New Town” “Mote Fuku” “Ani son Cafe Yumegaoka” “Akiba Nagaren” “Super × D” etc.