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“Japanese government recently has raised a reconstruction strategy, a promotion of the “COOL Japan strategy,”” as one of the major strategy to reconstruct Japanese economy. Japanese subculture is commonly referred to as “”geek culture”” or “otaku culture.” It is now well-known all over the world with the spread of the Internet, and it became a powerful content of “cool Japan” .

Japanese subculture is now becoming a culture genre admired by the world, even Steven Spielberg, who came to Japan this year excitedly mentioned that “”Japan’s pop culture is my favorite, awesome!”” “

Following a background of worldwide trend, we will establish high profitable business by finding great talent in the field of anime, manga, music, film production based on “Cool Japan” and focus on making a framework generating world-class competitive contents, which we believe we can spread MINDOL presence across the world.

CEO of MINDOL Fumihiro Fukuhara

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Company Address Suite2012 20/F Tower1 TheGateway 25 CantonRoad TsimShaTsui Kowloon HongKong
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Establishment 2018/6/9
CEO of MINDOL Fumihiro Fukuhara

Fumihiro Fukuhara

Born in 1976 in Gobo City, Wakayama Prefecture.
After working at several companies in local Wakayama and Tokyo, Fukuhara has set up an incubation business in Tokyo in 2010. Engaged in the acquisition and sale of renewable energy companies, construction companies, major beauty companies, fashion, leading food groups. In 2018, became a President and Representative Director of MINDOL HOLDINGS LIMITED. Currently challenging every day to make a completely new diversity company that combines cryptocurrency, cool Japan and inbound.

Ishizuka Koichi

Chief Advisor / ( CFO of MUSHI PRODUCTION, CO. Ltd. )
Graduated from Harvard Business School AMP, Southwestern University in the USA / MBA (others). CEO of Photo Holdings Inc., Representative Director of OFF Line Co., Ltd., Second Section o f the Tokyo Stock Exchange, President and Representative Director of listed companies (2009-2010), President and CEO of Mothers Listed Company, Thomson Reuters (1994 – 2004), etc. Now CFO of Mushi Production and Chief Advisor of MINDOL HOLDINGS LIMITED. Published: “Work at 6 times faster!”, “Harvard Business School Kagaku 30 years old success ” (Kinokuniya Taiwan weekly Bestsel ler).

Gil Junger

Advisor / (Hollywood Film Director)
“Gil Junger is a producer / director of Hollywood movies and TV shows, as veteran director who has won numerous awards, producing three feature films, more than 400 TV shows, seven television films. His masterpiece “”10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU”” has not only gained huge commercial success, but also found an actor who becomes a Hollywood star as a result of this work of Heath • Leisure and Julia • Stiles. Heath • Leisure has won the Academy Awards Supporting Actor Award at “”Dark Knight”” and Julia Stiles plays an important role in the e “”Bourne Identity”” and other “”Bourne Identity”” as well as other bone series. “